Do you need an instant, 5-Sided, Vision barcode scanning and freight dimensioner system for parcel freight revenue assurance? Well, we can’t do it instantly, sorry, but Team SCACO led by Projects Engineer Peter Hickey can do it very quickly indeed! In the fast-paced international parcel airfreight sector time is money. So, this iconic Australian customer wanted their system modifications up and running as soon as technically possible.

When the system is complete it will be able to automatically barcode scan 5 sides of a parcel item, weigh and dimension (cube) the parcel, and move it down the line at throughput rates exceeding 2,000 + parcel items per hour – despite the belts running at only a modest 50 meters per minute. This technical outcome and the fast installation time both combine to create quite an engineering feat!

Freight Dimensioner Dimension Weigh Scan Frame on Skid edit

Above: Wednesday morning loading the DWS frame onto a skid.


SCACO Freight Dimensioner Dimension Weigh Scan System loaded onto truck

Above:  Wednesday afternoon, loading the packed freight dimensioner system onto the truck. Wait! – Is that rain?

LOT above are: infeed + outfeed spacing conveyors with pre-wired PEs and other semi-assembled hardware including a German-made OCS dual-bed weigh scale and the mounting frame for the DWS. Vision cameras (image based code readers) had earlier been mounted and wired at our testing facility and then removed for safe transport.

SCACO Freight Dimensioner cubing and weighing system being built image

Above: Friday: step by step – making progress!


Freight Dimensioner Freight Dimensioning System Cabinet Image

Above: one of six separate system cabinets. Apparently, according to the engineers, “these cabinets don’t wire themselves, Rhett”. Who knew?

SCACO Freight Dimensioning Parcel Cube & Weigh Cabinets Image

Above: Who says a Freight Dimensioner system can’t be beautiful? As it turns out the really sexy bits are concealed behind the curtain.


SCACO SICK Vision Barcode Scanning Freight Dimensioner system image

Monday afternoon: 5 days later with all the conveyor field wiring, cabinet wiring (six cabinets!), PLC programming, safety systems, Harmony Software configuration and settings, (and etc etc!!) completed, the Freight Dimensioning system is now running and testing is now in full swing.

There you have it! Another great outcome and another happy SCACO (top secret) customer.

Story by Rhett Talley




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