Warehouses and DC’s with thousands or tens of thousands of SKUs to manage need a modern Warehouse Management System that can make smart optimisation decisions with precise SKU dimensional master data.

SCACO’s CubiScan 100 for box shapes and CubiScan 125 for both boxes and irregular shapes are the ideal solutions to supercharge your WMS with accurate SKU dimensional master data. And, combined with SCACO’s own CubeMaster Software can interface into any WMS and provide the perfect SKU Data Management solution.



Distribution Centres and e-Commerce businesses understand the challenges faced when trying to automate the processes of capturing packed order dimensions and weight in order to calculate correct shipping charges.

SCACO’s CubiScan 100 and CubiScan 150 are both legal for trade certified by the Australian National Measurement Institute and when combined with our CubeMaster Software can deliver an automated solution with data integration into any host IT freight dispatch application. For higher throughput applications any of our other In-Motion DWS systems can offer the same automated freight dispatch outcomes.