Our Culture

Because of the unique and complex technical requirements of our customers, and in turn the technology solutions we create for them, we need to employ really smart people to turn our clients’ business challenges into business successes. We like to think that everyone who works at SCACO is a bit of a superstar.

We love it. We give these really smart people the encouragement and autonomy to design, create, innovate, and deliver newer and smarter ways to add value to our customers’ businesses. Our constant in-house R&D has delivered a long list of technology solutions that are highly valued by our customers and that are only available from SCACO.

We love to teach our customers about business process improvements and solutions that incorporate our technologies. We believe that success comes from educating our customers not exploiting them. Often clients come to us with problems and challenges that are new and frustrating to them but are familiar and normal to us. This presents an opportunity to provide specialist advice and education which in turn empowers customers to make fully informed investment decisions. Which leads us to:

Value Co-Creation
with our clients – it’s an obsession of ours. We listen and learn. What does the customer really value – what is most important? Let’s explore it together. We often design systems or solutions that are truly exclusive to our client; or provide off-the-shelf but configurable systems that incorporate the client’s tailored requirements. In either case we can combine a wide range of systems or technologies and integrate them into a seamless whole unique to your individual needs.

Systems Integration:
Agility & Flexibility. In global terms we are a “smaller” Systems Integrator. We often handle projects with a contract value of $100k up to $2m. Our smaller and more agile structure means we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer demands. We love a challenge – bring us yours. Which takes us to:

Can-Do, Can-Do, Can-Do
The more difficult the problem is to solve the more we welcome the challenge. We also realise that if a problem is hard for us to solve it will probably be impossible for our competitors. Our determined and can-do attitude keeps many of Australia – and the world’s – leading businesses coming back to us for repeat solutions year after year.