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We realised early on that with our portfolio of planned improvement initiatives, we would require a radical improvement in the state of our volumetric master data. We also knew that with Blackwoods’ massive supply base of thousands of vendors ranging from multinationals to small, local businesses that we’d have to be able to provide for our own requirements.

The diversity of our product range meant we needed to be able to scan both cartons and irregularly-shaped units. SCACO were the sole Australian distributor of the CS125, which we determined was the best product fit for our requirements, but they also offered the assurance of providing strong, local technical support and business guidance from having worked with other Australian businesses.

SCACO combined a positive attitude with a willingness to craft a unique, end-to-end solution for Blackwoods. With their help we’ve laid the groundwork for ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction and productivity.

Alex McEncroe, Project & Performance Improvement Manager Blackwoods / Sydney, NSW

In an ultra-competitive freight industry TNT’s business model is simple: We transport our customers' goods and documents around the world, with a focus on time-definite and day-definite delivery.”

“In order to ensure our customers get the best service standards possible TNT endeavours to work with supplier partners who share their high value standards.”

“SCACO has worked with TNT for many years and we find them to be a valued supplier of legal-for-trade advice and technology solutions and services. SCACO supply and service many of our dimension-weigh-scan systems at our capital city depots as well as nearly all of the revenue recovery technologies used in our regional depots.”

“As the person at TNT responsible for ensuring our cubing, weighing and material handling equipment perform at optimum levels, I can rely on SCACO to provide critical support when needed.”

Markus Bretscher, Equipment Coordinator National Operations TNT Express / Mascot, Sydney, NSW

Our freight business is built around the unique needs of our customers and the requirement to handle their valuable and sensitive freight as safely and gently as we can. We pride ourselves on our “fussy” attitude and our approach to handling freight to ensure our customers receive the value-add that peace of mind and continued customer satisfaction brings to them and their own business.

To further ensure maximum customer service we wanted to explore how we could implement a trade- approved process of weighing and dimensioning our clients’ freight to confirm they were being charged correctly by either the weight or cube as the particular case may be. Often the freight we move is both sensitive and irregular in shape and some of our customers are not equipped to accurately dimension or weigh their goods. We were looking for an automated, “hands-off” way of accurately determining these cubic measurements. At the same time, we wanted to obtain a digital image of the freight as part of our ongoing quality control procedures.

At about this time SCACO also contacted us for a chat and together we decided to trial the CubiScan 1200 AKL at our Melbourne site. The CubiScan uses overhead volumetric laser scanners and so nothing touches the freight. Although the technology is not new we were initially unsure as to whether the equipment would be practical in our operation. We essentially operate a cross dock operation and due to the specific requirements of our customers’ goods we do not operate sortation systems and minimise exposure to ride-on forklifts for safety reasons. Most of our handling is either by hand or simple mechanical aids e.g. pallet jacks.

SCACO were great to work with because they took the time to understand the particular needs of our business and our customers freight requirements. Once the trial was completed SCACO even supplied a purpose built over dimensional platform scale and arranged the civil works to have these embedded in our concrete dock to provide a flat, safe working environment.

The end result certainly met our expectations and the service provided by SCACO was exceptional. We have since installed another system in our Sydney facility.

Peter Shepherdson, Business Improvement Manager COPE Sensitive Freight / Adelaide, South Australia

To safeguard SICK Australia’s leading position in a highly competitive environment it is vital that we work with systems integrators who are able to continually drive strong innovation in factory, logistics, and process automation.

As one of SICK’s key master integrators in Australia, SCACO plays a fundamental part in our mission to deliver customers leading automation and sensor-based technology solutions that drive greater productivity, profitability, and more efficient use of client resources.

SCACO are always very flexible to the customers’ needs; filling a unique place in the market for customers that require flexible value-added services to remain competitive in their industry.

What sets SCACO apart from other partners we work with is their willingness to be small enough to listen to our customers but big enough to execute, streamline, and support complex systems integration.

This means our joint customers can always trust SCACO to find the solution that takes high performing barcode scanning and data capture capabilities from SICK, and customise it to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

Keith Thompson, National Manager Logistics Automation SICK Australia / Melbourne, Victoria